Do you need to make a compelling case to important decision makers?

In Fact Visuals is all about helping you use visualizations to argue the meaning and significance of your facts.

Litigation, intellectual property, technological innovations, and business goals demand the clear presentation of relevant facts along with equally clear indications of how decision makers should properly act.

We work with you to create visualizations that support your claims or offers in narrow detail or in broad summary, iterating to find an optimal solution.


we gather all relevant information. In litigation that may include complaints, briefs, testimony, expert opinion, case theory, strategy, and contingencies. Business matters may include technological innovations, competing claims, business palns, contracts, or market conditions.


we respond with clear choices for practical planning: media, style, schedules, and budget constraints. Working relationships can be open-ended or defined by agreements comprising production milestones, schedules, sub-contractors, and budgets.

Either way,

ongoing we strive to be flexible and responsive to changes and contingencies that so often arise.

We proactively adopt current visualization and presentation technologies.

Our focus is on maintaining broadly applicable and widely interoperable production capabilities in house. That grants us flexibility to work with other resources, including your favored suppliers or deeply specialized services as needed.

Our litigation work has applied to all four corners of the legal landscape:

Criminal / Plaintiff

Hon. Michael Dinges, District Attorney, Lycoming County (PA)

Criminal Defense

NY State Capital Crimes Investigations / Rochester (NY) Public Defender
Federal Public Defender (PA)

Civil Defense

Lycoming Engines / Aviation Accident Investigations
Pritchard & Kay (San Jose)

Civil Plaintiff

Rieders, Travis, et al

We have also worked with many multimedia clients through independent studios:

Museums / Exhibitions

Getty Museum
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Marketing and Corporate Communications

People for Open Space / Bay Area Council
Levi's / Dockers
Macys California
Pacific Bell Procurement

We are a two-generation, family owned business located in San Francisco and Daly City, California.